MJ’s lunch vecka 24

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Lunch at MJ’s isn’t your ordinary lunch. A colorful, fresh feast based on veggies from our local farm Botildenborg – your stomach and soul will thank you afterwards.

Served Monday – Friday 11.30 – 13.30, no reservation required!
Includes delicious bread, salad and coffee.
Add protein for extra deliciousness!

ajvar, fetaost, tomat, linser 115kr
Aubergine, ajvar, feta cheese, tomato, lentils
+ kyckling / chicken 150 kr

gurka, dill, morot 115kr
Broccoli, cucumber, dill, carrot
+ Panerad kolja / haddock 150 kr

zucchini, beurre blanc, parmesan 115kr
Gnocchi, zucchini, beurre blanc, parmesan
+ Pluma / pluma 150 kr

Bönor i säsong
salsa verde, silverlök, grillad sallad 115kr
Seasonal beans, salsa verde, onion, grilled salad
+ Rökt makrill / smoked mackerel 150 kr

Bakat ägg
potatis, kapris, ramslök 115kr
baked egg, potatoe, capers, wild garlic
+ Råbiff / tartar 150 kr

Veggies from our local farm Botildenborg

Table reservation

Veggie, set, go!

Get ready, because this is going to be a lovely lunch love story! It all started with a seed and soil at the award-winning farm Botildenborg and genius farm director Saba Nazarian. The vegetables are harvested exclusively for MJ’s and when head chef Frida Nilsson works her magic, believe us, it’s pure magic.

Frida’s food philosophy is that veggies should be treated like celebrities. This is why our lunch menu is centered around the kale, carrots, the broccoli and the beets. These beauties come in all shapes and sizes, in colors that you could only dream of. And they love being paired with a friendly fish or pretty piece of meat if that’s what you’re craving. And perhaps a cheeky glass of white.
So. Are you veggie for some lunch?