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Things we like

There are so many things that we’re passionate about, that make our hearts skip a beat. Art, cocktails, floral dresses, cute shades and the worlds greatest falafel. And we want to share this pure love for the city with you. We want you to spend the summer at MJ’s – in the fluffiest beds in town, and we want summer of 2021 to feel like the summer of ’69. The best days of your lives. We love making new friends and want to show you Malmö from a locals’ view. Wanna hang?

Food to eat

Malmö is a smorgasbord of amazing places to eat, so you might actually need a couple of days to get through all the yummy-in-the-tummy spots. What are you in the mood for? Deep-fried balls of chickpea heaven? Mediterranean small plates of love? Beef Chow Ho Fun?

You landed at the hotel a few hours ago, after a quick wash up, lipstick and after shave, you find yourself sipping an ice cold beer in a cute pub. You love just sitting there, sipping on your pint, people watching, picking at some salty popcorn and listening to the talk of the town. It seems to you that all locals talk about is the food scene down here. You feel right at home.

This culinary little trip started at the hotel earlier on, when you spoke to one of the waiters at MJ’s, he told you about all the places he loved, and really his love of food and local produce. MJ’s Restaurant & Bar lies in the middle of the hotel and the waiter described MJ’s as a restaurant and bar with a couple of hotel rooms (83 to be exact). Food and drinks is the heart of MJ’s and the perfect getaway for foodies coming from out of town or for a staycation. The food is made for sharing just as Nancy Sinatras boots are made for walking. The main focus is on the greens and the love of food – whatever you do, don’t forget to order the various kale!

Anywho, enough daydreaming, all this reminiscing is making you hungry. You have dinner reservations at MJ’s tonight (the waiter didn’t have to convince you), so you stop by Saltimporten Canteen for lunch. You have it on the edge of the dock and listen to the waves while you enjoy a new take on Nordic cuisine. You make a mental note of the other places you have to visit before you leave Malmö: Restaurant LU, (say hi to Affe from us” and NUR for charcoal grilled meat. And oh, falafel! Click on The Bucket List below to find out our favorite falafel stop.

1. MJ’s

Flirty food for all!

Our food is inspired by the Mediterranean countries and we love to flirt with a variation of flavors. A sharing is caring kind of experience, a social and uncomplicated way of enjoying food and life, where conversations are sparked. Check it out.

2. Saltimporten Canteen

A new take on Nordic cuisine

The most famous lunch in southern Sweden, praised and loved by many. Have your meal on the edge of the dock and listen to the waves while you enjoy a new take on Nordic cuisine.

3. Restaurang LU

Who? LU.

Longing for some Hong Kong streetfood? LU is the spot. Don’t miss the crispy pork – it’s to die for.


A new rising star in Varvsstaden

Just opened this spring!
Focus on fire and local ingredients, cocktails and selected wines.

5. Falafel by Youssif

Chickpea heaven

Owner Youssif Iskandarani took his fathers recipe and started this falafel food truck in the 80s. Considered to be the best falafel in Malmö by many.

Things to do

Malmö is made for strolling, especially during summer. Leave your four wheeled friend at home, MJ’s is only a couple of minutes away from the train station, convenience is everything on vacay, right? Tie your superstars tight and come along!

You’re eager to get your vacay mode on, so you arrive early and drop your bags at MJ’s. The morning air is heavenly and you walk through the nearby park. The flowers and produce around Slottsträdgården are a sight for sore eyes. You make your way through the park to Solde and order a double oatmilk cappuccino. And please, please, please – don’t skip the croissant, it’s amazing.

In the mood for some art after all that fresh air? Make your way towards Moderna museet, the home of modern art, and enjoy the amazing and new Hilma Af Klint exhibition. We get goosebumbs just thinking about it!

The hours pass by so quickly, it’s time for a late lunch. A stroll back to MJ’s to check in and drop off all the pretty Hilma-prints. You continue to walk towards Saltimporten Canteen and hope that they’re serving something with kale. Because fresh kale is all the receptionist talked about at MJ’s. It must be a thing down here? you think to yourself. You’re greeted by a very friendly smile at Saltimporten and there is some obscure Swedish pop playing. The kale was sold out, but the tartar with a strangely tasty but weird ash leek on top, was quite the experience.

You’re stuffed and happy and longing for a swim and you want it now!! Hey Mr Taxi guy! You jump in and the smooth ride is 80 SEK and bang – 5 minutes later you’re at the beach. Kallbadhuset is crowded but you found a perfect spot against a wall and the ocean is right there. You dive in, a few times actually.

Time flies and it’s time to get back to MJ’s and clean up for din din! Your fancy shoes are on and down to the restaurant you go for a sharing dinner signed Frida Nilsson. The eating and drinking is so good, you feel like you’re on top of the world. Last but not least, a Negroni in the bar before it’s time for some deep deep sleep in the fluffiest beds ever. Nightie! 

1. Ribersborgs Kallbadhus

No peeking allowed 

This is the only place in the world where you get naked and hang with strangers. Well, maybe not the only. Have a stroll down the pier, pick up a cuppa joe (or if you fancy a midday beer) and enjoy the saunas and the beautiful ocean.

2. Boulebar

It’s all sun and games

Fancy a more active environment? Hang with our friends at Boulebar and play a game of petanque while feeling the sun on your face.

3. Moderna Museet

We love art

Some modern art for ya? The Hilma af Klint show is bound to stir up some emotions.

4. Book a Boat

Row, row, row your boat

Rent a boat and enjoy a tour around the canals of Malmö.

Things to shop

The best kind of cardio, if you ask us? Shopping. It doesn’t really matter what you buy, whether it’s food, vintage clothing or bling bling. We do like to keep it local and real though. Read on to find a lovely mix of some of our favorite shops.

Since you chose MJ’s of all places, we assume you like food. YAY! FTFL (Food Twinsies For Life). Shopping shoes on, stomach longing for some satisfaction, you ready? The best way to start your day is at our sweet little Saluhall, with some bubbles and fresh oysters. It’s DELISH but not very filling. So you pick up some locally produced cheese and veggies and be on your way. On the way to the park, you stop and get some cured meet from Limhamns Kött & Vilt and put it in your pretty basket you got at a cute store with a name you unfortunately can’t remember. You’ve also heard that the craft soda and pizza from Hedvigsdal is supposed to be amaze. Enough food? Hell ya, it’s picnic time!

You are stuffed and happy and more than ready to check out the fashion scene. A quickie back to the room to drop off the picnic basket and freshen up. On your way out you can’t resist another quick one, so you sit order a drink from MJ’s Lobby Bar. The cutesie bartender recommends a Bees Knees for a cutie like yourself. Ah, a good ol’ fashion flirt sets the mood for your shopping spree! Tipsy you wander off to Trés Bien – fashion heaven. Just a few steps away you find Aplace, with international and local brands and a friendly face helps you to find the perfect outfit for that summer party you’re looking forward to. You do love a good second hand, so the next stop is Dacapo for the fancy stuff, then Humana for the bargain and last bot not least Emmaus for the thrifter.

That night you sleep so tight in our fluffy bed, and you awake ready and eager to do some more food exploring (after exploring our delish breakfast of course). You leave your bags in the reception and head towards Möllevången, where you start your food adventure Day 2 by tasting the sweetest watermelon from the sweetest vendor. Then you head to Asian trading to buy hot sauce and miso that’s impossible to find anywhere else. You make your way to Lucu Food and wow have you seen all the different kinds of KitKats?! Get the golden Kitkat. Just do it. You head back to MJ’s to get your bag and try out one last cocktail and hand a lil’ secret note to your bartender.

1. Trés Bien

Oui Oui!

For the fashion lover, this sweet boutique is one in a million! Don’t forget to check out their famous sunglasses.

2. Love Street Vintage

In love with vintage

You’ll find this vintage boutique on Kärleksgatan (Love street). Do we need to say more?

3. Aplace

Great brands

Classic Nordic fashion with brands such as Rains, Rodebjer and Filippa K. There’s something for everyone, you’ll defo find your evening outfit here.

4. Saluhallen

All things eatable

This is where you eat, drink and shop. Find anything from veggies to locally produced cheese and the nicest chocolate bonbons you’ll ever try. Don’t forget to stop for some delicious noodles and a cold beer.

5. Humana

Pop some tags

For the thrifters out there we’ve got you covered! It’s almost impossible to spend more than 500 SEK at Humana but you always leave with a brand new wardrobe.

Drinks to drink

We assume you like liquid. That you’re just as interested in drinks and wine as we are. Boozy or virginy – we got you covered and sweetheart you’ll love it.

You came to MJ’s to drink. Well, maybe not, but summer sure makes your mouth a bit extra dry, doesn’t it? Day drinking, all night drinking or a drink after dinner? Your liquid adventure starts at the lobby bar at MJ’s, where you can’t really decide if you want an ice cream drink, a classic sauvignon blanc or an easy pinot noir. The friendly bartender suggests a glass of rosé, ah perfect! It’s all pink and sweet at MJ’s.

It’s only lunch time and the wine left you a little tipsy, so you decide to go for another glass around the block at a sweet little place called Julie. The wine here is served on tap and gorgeous. The cheese comes from small farms around Europe and it goes perfect with your Merlot.

You spend the afternoon by strolling around the town and head back to your room for a lil’ sleep. After getting all dressed up, you’re feeling just a tad bit lazy and your BFF is wanting food NOW, so you go down to MJ’s Restaurant to see if they can fit you in. Table for two? No prob! After a lot of veggies, a lil’ meat and loads of dessert, your energy levels are back to normal, so you decide to head out. Soi 29 is your first stop, and you get a thai inspired drink. Yum! A little walk to Paddy’s Gin Bar and you get a refreshing Gin & Tonic (well, duh). The night ends with a sweet, something extra special at Care/Of bar – you lie to the bartender that you haven’t yet had dessert, so he makes you a cocktail that’s just about as dreamy and sweet as his brown eyes. Back to the hotel for some even sweeter dreams.

The following day is a Sunday, perfect! Because on Sundays you can taste all kinds of different wines for a fraction of the usual price at Bouchon. The perfect way to end the weekend. Please come back soon!

1. MJ’s Lobby Bar

Let’s make out

Our Lobby bar is a window to the wonders of our hotel.
The best in service, guidance, cocktails, parties, fortune telling, hook-ups and break-ups…

2. Julie

Did someone say wine and cheese?

Julie is as boozy and cheesy as it gets. Enjoy something to nibble on while trying out 16 different kinds of tap wine. Ah, life is good.

3. L’Enoteca

Wine bar in the old town of Malmö

Ding ding ding, a wine for every palette! Located in a backyard with grafitti and trees, it’s easy to spend a whole day (and night) at L’Enoteca.

4. Care/Of

Cocktail magic!

Some puffs and scuffs and magical cocktails! Have a little chat with the bartender, the guys who work here are passionate and full of liquor wisdom.

5. Far i Hatten

Pizza n’ wine, you goddamn fine!

This should be your first or last stop. Far i hatten has the warmest afternoon sun and oh bring your reading glasses, because the wine list is looooong! Open until 02, their pizza is the bomb.

Sights to see

Beaches, art museums, islands and cute little towns. The options are endless when it comes to sights around Malmö. We’ve listed some of our favorite spots, come along on an adventure!

As soon as you enter Skania, you realize that you have 99 problems but a beach ain’t one! The mag you found on the train lists all the beautiful spots to swim and sunbathe and the beaches look so white, you’re glad you brought your best sunnies (if you forgot ’em at home, head to Trés Bien and pick up a pair). On a tight budget? Who said they had to be new, Malmö is full of nice second hand shops. Each place has its charm, but the city beaches have a special place in our hearts. Västra Hamnen, aka West Harbour, Ribersborg and Sibbarp will satisfy all your beachy needs.

You check in at MJ’s, and the lovely curly haired girl behind the counter talks passionately about the beaches. (Wow, they really know their stuff!). She explains that if you’re looking for a wooden deck, you should choose Västra Hamnen, the water is deep and the ice cream at Bar Italia is to-die-for. And if you’re a fan of soft green grass, Sibbarp is your spot. And lots of other places (check out the map above!).
Your all time fav receptionist hands over your room key and you eavesdrop on another guest who’s talking on the phone ”I’m gonna have some me-time today. Gonna head to Ribersborg, mmmhmm it’s the place to be if you’re into fine white sand, girl!”. Hmm, that sound pretty nice, you think to yourself.

After a quick shower you head to the mini bar and pop open some bubbly to celebrate! Even if beaches are on your wish list, you’d like to head south to Copenhagen and check out all the cheesy wine bars you’ve heard of. Once there you might have to hop on the train north to Humlebaek and the amazing Museum of Modern Art. Maybe you’ll have to check if you can stay another night. There’s just too much to do! Enough bubbly, time to put your sneakers and your comfy pants on, because this afternoon you’re going to take the boat to the island of Ven, rent a bike and enjoy the scenery. On the way out Sue stops you to tell you one more thing: take the bus down to Skanör and walk through the picturesque little town and end it with a lil’ dip in the ocean! Another day, you reply with a smile.

1. Louisiana

Landscape, architecture and art

Louisiana is a must if you’re able to make your way to Denmark! The perfect one day excursion with exhibits from world-renowned artists. Find out more.

2. Ven

Cycle for ice cream

The island of Ven is the ultimate place to rent a bike and spend the day swooshing by the fields. And ice cream. Don’t forget the ice cream.

3. Skanör

Dreamy beaches and delicious food

The tiny village of Skanör is a picturesque little gem with white beaches and fantastic places to eat and walk around.

4. Botildenborg

Eat your greens

Local vegetable farmer Botildenborg is one of our new and bestest friends. An award winning farm and meeting space focusing on sustainability, where vegetables are harvested exclusively for MJ’s. So when you enjoy your delicious bites in our restaurang, you also know that our colorful babes are grown just around the block.

5. Bjärreds Saltsjöbad

It’s shrimply the best

Savour in a classic shrimp sandwich after talking a walk on the beach or relaxing in the sauna or on the gorgeous sun deck.

MJ’s life to live

Okey, so you did all of the above. We get it, you’re tired of running around town and now you just wanna do what you actually came here for – kick back at MJ’s.

Ok so you’ve eaten your way through Malmö, having the lunch on the edge of the dock, devouring crispy pork and drooling in charcoal grill heaven. Not to mention of course all the falafels you’ve eaten, you totally lost count, but maybe 11?

You’ve been cultural, enjoying the Hilma Af Klint exhibition which was spectacular! The weather has been amazing (as always here in Malmö) so you’ve tried out every beach of the city, and even though it’s hard to pick one favourite, Ribersborg is truly something special. You’ve enjoyed delicious cocktails, numerous tap wines and even one (or two?) ice cream drink(s).
Even though you spent most of your money on food and drinks, you just simply couldn’t resist those sneaks at Trés bien. I mean they had your name written all over it.

FINALLY, you are so ready to just stay in and enjoy the MJ’s life! First of all you treat yourself with a sweet long sleep-in in the fluffiest bed of them all. You really don’t feel like leaving it all, but decide to run down real quick to the restaurant and grab our breakfast (so good some people call it bombastic) before you run back up even faster to enjoy it in all the fluffiness.

After an hour or two you get this feeling that maybe it’s not just the bed that’s fluffy, you did eat like 11 falafels the last days. Lucky for you we just have a brand spanking new gym waiting for you! It’s probably exactly like you would imagine a MJ’s gym and maybe a little better. It’s pink of course, it has this really good smell, the bestest equipment and a reaaaally good looking personal trainer. You lift some weights, swing some kettle bells and sweat out some of that tap wine on the treadmill.

You head back to your room, feeling really good about yourself and decide to fill the bathtub up to the edge, put on some music, grab some chocolate from the mini bar and just enjoy the perfection. All the exercise and now the bath, you’re starting to feel sleepy again, maybe you should just hit the bed again? Or maybe a coffee? Yeah, you definitely deserve some coffee, time to hit the sunny patio! You order a double espresso, cause hey, can’t spend the day sleeping right, and the always so smily waitress brings it to your table. Again, perfection.

Time flies and it’s way past lunch time. Maybe one last falafel? Feeling sporty and speedy, you put on your shades, sneakers and decide to take a stroll down to visit Jalla Jalla that you heard is pretty awesome. Maybe also a bit because you are too embarrassed to go back to Youssef for a 12th one…

Yummy yummy and happy in your tummy you head back to your room for a quick siesta in the oh so fluffy bed of your’s. You wake up by a call. It’s your friends wondering where you are. Ah you almost forgot you decided to meet up in the lobby bar! You put on your new floral dress, make some kind of quick hair-do (messy hair is a thing you know), add some lipstick and head down to the bar where your friends already started with som bubbly. You pour yourself a glass and take a seat in one of the soft velvet armchairs and check the menu, even though you already know what you’re having. The other day you all had dinner in the MJ’s restaurant and the cool waitress recommended the Various Kale and OMG! You are definitely having that again. Food is great, bubbles are crips and the vibe is just perfect. You know what they say, time flies when you’re having fun and you almost forgot about dessert! You all decide that this last night deserves a liquid one and order in a round of Unspoken, Bar Manager Mikael’s award winning cocktail. Someone suggests you play a board game, the happy guy in the reception told him that they have a couple fun ones up for grabs. You really can’t think of a more fantastic way to end this vacay than with a grapefruity cocktail and a round of Pandemic with your besties in your too-cosy-to-be-true room before snuggling up between the sheets. So fluffy.

1. Mikkel’s Various Kale

Always eaten and never forgotten

We know, we keep nagging about these damn kales, but it’s because missing out on them would be a total disaster. For you that is.

2. The brand spanking new MJ’s gym

Breaking news!

MJ’s has got a new gym and of course it’s bright, pink & shiny! Hustle that muscle or sweat out some of those cocktails. Or just sit back and enjoy all the shine and pink. We won’t judge.

3. Mikael’s Unspoken

Shhhh, don’t tell anyone

Take grapefruit, rom and fino and let Mikael work his magic. What do you get? A cocktail so damn fine it’ll make your toes tickle.

4. Mornings out on the patio

It just keeps gettin better

Who doesn’t love sunny summer mornings? Well they just got upgraded! Grab a seat at the MJ’s patio and let us serve you your favourite coffee while you enjoy the morning paper in the sun.

5. Game Night

Throw the dice

Sometimes there’s just nothing better than a good old game night. Grab a game from the reception and make sure to kick your friends in a game of Monopoly.

En oförglömlig sommar väntar

Vågskvalp, bubbel, Pool Club & Österlen runt hörnet

Summer at MJ’s, oh where do we start? Is it with the fluffiest beds in the cosiest and coolest rooms in town? Or with the perfect location, in the heart of the city close to both the train station, the sea and the best bars and restaurants? Maybe it’s describing our cute cocktails, prepared to perfection and served to you in one of our soft velvet armchair while the best music is pumping in the background? Oh, and did we mention the green oasis also called our restaurant, serving mouth-watering food to be shared with your besties? And if all this isn’t good enough for you we also have the best staff in the world that will let you in on their hidden gems around the city. But shhhh don’t tell anyone.

  • In the heart of the city

  • Close to the sea
  • Lovely & lush restaurant

Our Vacay Concierge is ready for ya!

Want to tailor your vacay, maybe combine two of our hotels for the perfekt getaway? Our Vacay Concierge is happy and ready to assist.

Ask our Vacay Concierge!

Want to combine a city break at MJ’s with a beach retreat at Ystad Saltsjöbad? Our why not head to Italy in Gothenburg and try out the rooftop bar at Hotel Bellora. Longing for Paris? Get your French smooches at boutique hotel Hotel Pigalle. Oh, and don’t miss Steam Hotel in Västerås or beach resort Falkenberg Strandbad. Want to keep it cute and cozy with gourmet food? Check out Villa Strandvägen. We’ll help you with all your vacation planning, maybe you’re looking for the best second hand shop or the most delicious rosé in town? Or maybe you’d like to bring your 15 closest flamingo friends? Our Vacay Concierge will tailor your stay according to your wishes and needs.

Phone: 040-664 64 00
Email: sommarconcierge@essgroup.se

MJ’s offers

  • Late night swim2,4 km
  • BarYES
  • RestaurantYes
  • Distance to city0 km
  • Cigarr shop450 m

  • Late night bowling1,8 KM

  • The neighbour who sounds like us41 km

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Padel Travel Tour

MJ’s and padel? Oh yes!

We’re finally launching MJ’s Padel Travel Tour, our own little tournament! We also offer several padel and hotel packages all year round! The first tour will take place in September, but you can book a padel package at MJ’s including accommodation, food and drinks all year round.

Welcome to the padel hotel MJ’s!

take me there!

Photos from the hotel

SWEDENS resort NO1

MJ’s was born out of our unconditional love for Malmö. The kind of place we want to hang out at, whether it’s with our friends, colleagues or family. A spot with an open door and a wide open mind. Consistent, yet ever-changing; all at once. A social melting pot. Our ambition is to deliver sensations, stir emotions, and yes, to surprise the hell out of you.

MJ’s is life

Hey you!

You made it ALL the way down here, wowza! Scroll up again to read about all the things we like. See you soon darlin’!

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