To eat in, or to eat out?
Have breakfast wherever you want.

O Rona, Rona, wherefore art thou Rona?

Eeek, this world is so upside down, it’s got us going all Shakespearean!

We’re gonna be honest with you, at the moment we’re in a bit of a jam. However, we always try to make the best of tricky situations.
Currently we’re serving a Grab n’ Go Breakfast, instead of our usual Breakfast Bombastic.
This means that you can have your breakfast wherever you want. Pick and choose your favorite pre-packed breakfast items, load them up in your to-go bag and enjoy wherever you want!

And speaking of jam, our takeaway breakfast is as sweet and savory and as delicious as ever!

Grab your bag of AM goodness and munch away under your fluffy duvet in bed, by the sunny riverside or take it with you on the train.

And oh, it goes without saying that all MJ’s staff are healthy. Happy munching!

Grab n’ Go Breakfast times

Monday – Friday 7:00-10:00

Saturday – Sunday 8:00-10:30