We’re obsessed with our town, so we gathered all our favorite places and hidden spots for you guys.
From the tastiest cup of coffee to the best deals for lounging, drinking, eating and staying over at MJ’s.
Let’s hang out and we’ll show you around town!
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Things we like

There are so many things that we’re passionate about, that make our heart skip a beat and our fingers tingle. Art, cocktails, that new Dries van Noten coat, local produce and of course Malmö. We want to share this pure love for our city with you and make sure that you’ll have a fabulous time and fall asleep exhausted from all the fun. We love making new friends and want to show you Malmö from a locals’ view. Wanna hang?

Food to eat

Malmö is a smorgasbord of amazing places to eat, so you might need a few days to get through all the wonderful spots. What are you in the mood for? Cantonese street food or a Nordic minimalistic lunch? We got you.

You landed at the hotel a few hours ago, after a quick wash up, a shave and some lipstick you’re ready to hit the town. You’ve already made your reservation at MJ’s for a late night dinner but almost feel obligated to try some other places in town and you have a instant need for something to nibble on. As you head out on the streets of Malmö you remember the suggestion you got from the girl at the reception “Go to Julie for some cheese and a glass of tap wine and take it from there” – so that’s just where you’re heading.

After a glass of vin jaune & a piece of Brillat Savarin you buy some very fancy salt (best in the world someone said) and take a stroll through town. With a glass of wine under your belt you head towards L’enoteca to try their famous green olives – there’s just something special bout those Italians.

After a few hours you head back to the hotel and MJ’s Restaurant and Bar seems to be the heart of the entire hotel. A bartender gives you a big white grin and you order a cocktail too good to refuse before you go up to your room. You’ve got a strong feeling that MJ’s actually is more than a couple of pink and lavish rooms (83 to be exact) but that the food & drinks is their passion. The food is made for sharing, just as Nancy Sinatras boots are made for walking with the main focus on the greens and the total admiration of food and for goodness sake – don’t forget to try the Various Kale.

Anyhow, dinner in MJ’s atrium is now on the agenda. It’s a candlelit dinner but not in the conservative way but in more of a *wow the music is loud and o gosh that waiter is cute and shit is that the new pair of Nikes you can’t get a hold on on that girl who just walked by* kind of way. You don’t really look too close at the menu since the chef already strolled by and convinced you that she would choose the best things on the menu for you, so you can just sit back and relax. As the waiter brings in a newly baked brioche and a glass of pinot you really feel like you’re home.

1. MJ’s

Local produce served sharing style

Our food is inspired by the Mediterranean countries and we love to flirt with a variation of flavors. A sharing is caring kind of experience, a social and uncomplicated way of enjoying food and life, where conversations are sparked. Check it out.

2. Saltimporten Canteen

A new take on Nordic cuisine

The most famous lunch in southern Sweden, praised and loved by many. Have your meal on the edge of the dock and listen to the waves while you enjoy a new take on Nordic cuisine.

3. Restaurang LU

Who? LU.

Longing for some Hong Kong streetfood? LU is the spot. Don’t miss the crispy pork – it’s to die for.

4. Falafel by Youssif

Chickpea heaven

Owner Youssif Iskandarani took his fathers recipe and started this falafel food truck in the 80s. Considered to be the best falafel in Malmö by many.

5. Soi 29

High style Thai street food & drinks to die for

We are always longing for the green papaya salad, oh and the plat od yam mamuang.

Things to do

Malmö is made for strolling around, a small town with a big town mentality. So, lots to do but everything pretty close by! MJ’s is only a couple of minutes from the train station, convenience is everything right? Tie your superstars tight and come along

Oh got a few hours of do you? Maybe an entire weekend? You arrive early and drop your bags at MJ’s. The flowers and produce around Slottsträdgården are a sight for sore eyes. You make your way through the park to Solde and order a double oatmilk cappuccino. And please, please, please – don’t skip the croissant, it’s amazing.

In the mood for some art after all that fresh air? Make your way towards Moderna museet, the home of modern art, and enjoy the amazing and new Hilma Af Klint exhibition. We get goosebumbs just thinking about it!

The hours pass by so quickly, it’s time for a late lunch. A stroll back to MJ’s to check in and drop off all the pretty Hilma-prints. You continue to walk towards Saltimporten Canteen and hope that they’re serving something with kale. Because fresh kale is all the receptionist talked about at MJ’s. It must be a thing down here? you think to yourself. You’re greeted by a very friendly smile at Saltimporten and there is some obscure Swedish pop playing. The kale was sold out, but the tartar with a strangely tasty but weird ash leek on top, was quite the experience.

When you feel like it’s time to go and the boys behind the bar aren’t to be seen, you call yourself a cab. You wouldn’t mind walking but still – you really want to get to the ocean straight away. 5 minutes later you’re at the beach and head towards Kallbadhuset. It’s quite crowded but you found a perfect spot in the sauna and you dive in – a few times actually.

After a few hours you feel fresh like a daisy and head back to MJ’s to take a quick nap before heading down to the restaurant for a sharing dinner signed Frida Nilsson. The taste of the wine is so sweet and the chefs just keep on giving. Last but not least, a Negroni in the bar for some deep sleep in the fluffiest beds ever. 

1. Ribersborgs Kallbadhus

All year swimming 

This is the only place in the world where you get naked and hang with strangers. Well, maybe not the only. Have a stroll down the pier, grab a coffee (or if you fancy a midday beer) and enjoy the saunas and the beautiful ocean.

2. Moderna Museet

We love some art

Some modern art for ya? The Hilma af Klint show is bound to stir up some emotions.

3. Book a Boat

Row, row, row your boat

Rent a boat and enjoy canals around town.

4. Spegeln

A small cinema with a chance of both snacking and drinking

If the weather is a bit dull and you feel like sneaking in to a warm movie theater you should try Spegeln just a few steps from MJ’s. Book the art deco theater for the ultimate experience.

5. Systembolaget Hansa

A bit of a wine and beer nerd are you?

At Hansa you can get to those special bottles before anyone else does! Even that natural wine you’ve seen on Instagram? Oh yes!

Things to shop

Oh we’re suckers for consumption, not the fast kind but the more sustainable kind, a bigger splurge from time to time. Whether it’s food, vintage clothing or a pair of Maison Margiela boots – there is one thing you need to know, we love to keep it local. Read on to find a lovely mix of some of our favorite shops.

Since you chose to stay at MJ’s of all places, we assume that you like food just as much as we do, so get those boots on and start by walking towards Saluhallen. Here you can buy everything from fresh oysters and that cheese you love, to handmade chocolates and tea to bring home to your loved ones. Take it easy and wander around until lunch time, the vitello tonnato at Papi’s is the best in town.

As you feel full and satisfied, take a walk through the old part of town and head towards Lilla Kafferosteriet for a to-go cup of their lightly roasted Brazilian blend. Walk through the city center and pop into Aplace, where you can find both local and international brands, as well as a friendly face that will help you find the perfect outfit.

Are you into even more edgy and international fashion? Then Trés Bien is a must. This is an innovative place known for blurring the line between streetwear and high end fashion and for goodness sake, don’t miss out on their own brand of sunglasses Sun buddies!

Still craving some consumption? Keep on walking towards Möllevången for some thrift and food shopping. Stop by Humana for trendy and cheap second hand clothing and get yourself that Levi’s Jeans coat that you’ve been dreaming about. Head out to the actual square and buy fruits and veggies in season, this is the place for the sweetest watermelon and the most flavorful cilantro. Then you head towards Asian trading for hot sauce and miso paste (impossible to finda nywhere else). All shopped out and ready to head back to MJ’s? Oh hell yes.

1. Trés Bien

Oui Oui!

This boutique is one special lil’ gem famous all over the world. For the high end shopper with a taste of streetwear.

2. 2. Lucu Food

That special food market for all your senses

At Lucu you’ll find food from every corner of the world and don’t miss out on the matcha kit kats!

3. Aplace

Great brands

Classic Nordic fashion with brands such as Rains, Rodebjer and Filippa K. There’s something for everyone, you’ll defo find your evening outfit here.

4. Saluhallen

All things eatable

This is where you eat, drink and shop. Find anything from veggies to locally produced cheese and the nicest chocolate bonbons you’ll ever try. Don’t forget to stop for some delicious noodles and a cold beer.

5. Humana

Pop some tags

For the thrifters out there we’ve got you covered! It’s almost impossible to spend more than 500 SEK at Humana but you always leave with a brand new wardrobe.

Drinks to drink

We assume you like liquid. That you’re just as interested in drinks and wine as we are. With our without alcohol – we got you covered and sweetheart you’ll love it.

Did your know that our bar manager Mikael Nilsson is ranked as one of the best bartenders in the World? Oh no? Now you do. Day drinking, all night drinking or just a smooth cocktail after dinner? Your cocktail adventure starts here at MJ’s where your biggest problem is if you want a Campari infused gin & tonic, a simple glass of pinot noir or a beer from Mikkeller.

As you had a little Champagne with your Friday lunch you feel like continuing this day sipping drinks around town, so you head towards the bar in the lobby. The fire is burning and you hear the new Guns album playing from the speakers. One of the bartenders is occupied with toasting bread for a cocktail and you curiously ask what’s that for? Oh and the bartender tells you the entire story around it and you order that toasty bread drink. Feeling a bit tipsy you make your way out of the lobby and head over to Care/of where a bearded man offers you a stiff drink while sawing through a big chunk of ice.

Feeling a bit cocktail overwhelmed you head through town and make your way towards Far i hatten where the wine list is long and the staff greets you with smiles that could melt anyones heart. You order a pizza to share (the margherita is the best one – no doubt) and a glass of wine that just came in from Dryckesbutiken.

Time for a nap and a shower and as you’re ready to hit the town again you ask the guys in the reception where to have dinner. You tell them that you ate at MJ’s yesterday and now you want something new! They recommend you to go to Riket where the dishes are modest and honest and wow, that girl in the kitchen? Didn’t you see her at MJ’s yesterday? You probably did. She tells you to take your night cap at Liket and off you go.

1. MJ’s Lobby Bar

Let’s make out

Our Lobby bar is a window to the wonders of our hotel.
The best in service, guidance, cocktails, parties, fortune telling, hook-ups and break-ups…

2. Riket

Wine bar and sweet friends of the house

The ultimate hangout to meet people interested in food and drinks. Where you see the guy you swiped right on on tinder and the girl you end up making out with.

3. Liket

For the love of sours

The younger sister of Riket where you go for a more rowdy night..

4. Care/Of

Cocktail magic!

Some puffs and scuffs and magical cocktails! Have a little chat with the bartender, the guys who work here are passionate and full of liquor wisdom.

5. Far i Hatten

Pizza n’ wine

The perfect place for some afternoon sun with a wine list as long as the morning paper.

Coffee to sip

When in Malmö you need a few pit stops for coffee and there are some really good ones for you. If you stroll around you’ll see a lot of chains and no, don’t go in, it’s not good enough for you.

We would recommend you to go to Lilla Kafferosteriet and enjoy a cup of locally roasted blend from Ethiopia or head over to Kaffebaren på Möllan for some people watching and an espresso. These two places makes our hearts skip a beat and who wouldn’t wanna support local businesses?

The list continues with Farina for the sweetest baked Italian goods and a lunch that takes us right back to Italy. You remember Italy right? The country in southern Europe where we were allowed to go before Covid.

In the city center you’ll find Solde, they too roast their coffee in Malmö and here you’ll find everyone from the local Ikea (consult?) to the tattoo artist from around the corner. We know we mentioned it before but don’t miss out on their croissants.

And for the lazy one we have Noir just around the corner from MJ’s. Literally around the corner that is.

1. Lilla Kafferosteriet

Historical building with magic coffee

2. Kaffebaren på Möllan

People watching at it’s best

3. Farina

Italy in a bun

4. Solde

Croissants to die for

5. Noir

The feel of Paris

MJ’s life to live

Okey, so you did all of the above. We get it, you’re tired of running around town and now you just wanna do what you actually came here for – kick back at MJ’s.

Ok so you’ve eaten your way through Malmö, having the lunch on the edge of the dock, devouring crispy pork and drooling in charcoal grill heaven. Not to mention of course all the falafels you’ve eaten, you totally lost count, but maybe 11?

FINALLY, you are so ready to just stay in and enjoy the MJ’s life! First of all you treat yourself with a sweet long sleep-in in the fluffiest bed of them all. You really don’t feel like leaving it all, but decide to run down real quick to the restaurant and grab our breakfast before you run back up even faster to enjoy it in all the fluffiness.

After an hour or two you get this feeling that maybe it’s not just the bed that’s fluffy, you did eat like 11 falafels the last days. Lucky for you we just have a brand spanking new gym waiting for you! It’s probably exactly like you would imagine a MJ’s gym and maybe a little better. It’s pink of course, it has this really good smell, the bestest equipment and a reaaaally good looking personal trainer. You lift some weights, swing some kettle bells and sweat out some of that tap wine on the treadmill.

You head back to your room, feeling really good about yourself and decide to fill the bathtub up to the edge, put on some music, grab some chocolate from the mini bar and just enjoy the perfection. All the exercise and now the bath, you’re starting to feel sleepy again, maybe you should just hit the bed again? Or maybe a coffee? Yeah, you definitely deserve some coffee, time to hit the sunny patio! You order a double espresso, cause hey, can’t spend the day sleeping right, and the always so smily waitress brings it to your table. Again, perfection.

Time flies and it’s way past lunch time. Maybe one last falafel? Feeling sporty and speedy, you put on your shades, sneakers and decide to take a stroll down to visit Jalla Jalla that you heard is pretty awesome. Maybe also a bit because you are too embarrassed to go back to Youssef for a 12th one…

Ah you almost forgot you decided to meet up in the lobby bar! You put on your new floral dress, make some kind of quick hair-do (messy hair is a thing you know), add some lipstick and head down to the bar where your friends already started with some bubbly. You pour yourself a glass and take a seat in one of the soft velvet armchairs and check the menu, even though you already know what you’re having. The other day you all had dinner in the Mj’s restaurant and the cool waitress recommended the Various Kale and OMG! You are definitely having that again. Food is great, bubbles are crips and the vibe is just perfect. You know what they say, time flies when you’re having fun and you almost forgot about dessert! You all decide that this last night deserves a liquid one and order in a round of Unspoken, Bar Manager Mikael’s award winning cocktail. Someone suggests you play a board game, the happy guy in the reception told him that they have a couple fun ones up for grabs.

1. Frida’s Various Kale

Always eaten and never forgotten

We know, we keep nagging about these damn kales, but it’s because missing out on them would be a total disaster. For you that is.

2. The brand spanking new MJ’s gym

Breaking news!

MJ’s has got a new gym and of course it’s bright, pink & shiny! Hustle that muscle or sweat out some of those cocktails. Or just sit back and enjoy all the shine and pink. We won’t judge.

3. Henny Colada

The luxus version of a Piña colada based on Hennessy cognac and topped with Champagne.

4. Photobooth

What’s a stay at MJ’s without a keepsake to take home? Make your best photo face and take a pic in our photobooth.

5. Nintendo Classic Mini

You know we have some pretty sweet add ons for your room right? Why not add a bottle of bubbles and a Nintendo and whop some ass in Pacman?

En oförglömlig sommar väntar

Vågskvalp, bubbel, Pool Club & Österlen runt hörnet

A weekend at MJ’s, oh where do we start? Is it with the fluffiest beds and cosiest rooms in town? Or with the perfect location, in the heart of the city close to both the train station, the best bars and restaurants? Maybe it’s the signature cocktails prepared to perfection and served to you in our velvet armchairs? Oh and did we mention the green oasis in the middle of MJ’s where we serve locally produced food and pour wine from all corners of the world? And if all this isn’t good enough for you we also have the best staff that would love to let you in on their hidden gems around the city.

  • In the heart of the city

  • Spectacular cocktails

  • Lovely & lush restaurant

MJ’s offers

  • Late night karaoke2,1 km

  • BarYES
  • RestaurantYes
  • Distance to city0 km
  • Cigarr shop450 m

  • Late night bowling1,8 KM

  • The neighbour who sounds like us41 km

Photos from the hotel

SWEDENS resort NO1

MJ’s was born out of our unconditional love for Malmö. The kind of place we want to hang out at, whether it’s with our friends, colleagues or family. A spot with an open door and a wide open mind. Consistent, yet ever-changing; all at once. A social melting pot. Our ambition is to deliver sensations, stir emotions, and yes, to surprise the hell out of you.

MJ’s is life

Hey you!

You made it ALL the way down here, wowza! Scroll up again to read about all the things we like. See you soon darlin’!

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