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Padel @ MJ’s!

MJ’s and padel? Oh yes!

We’re finally launching MJ’s Padel Camp, our own little camp! We also offer several padel and hotel packages all year round! The first Padel Camp will take place in September, but you can book a padel package at MJ’s including accommodation, food and drinks all year round.

Welcome to the padel hotel MJ’s!

Game – Smash – Padel

all year round

Padel tour not enough for you? No worries, we have padel packages that you can book any day of the year.

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Welcome to MJ’s

Padel Camp

MJ’s Padel Camp will take place in September and we can take 24 couples. On our premiere year the Padel Camp is only open to ladies. The Padel Camp suits anyone who enjoys and want to sharpen their skills at padel and likes to compete obviously, but also enjoys eating and drinking (now we’re talking).

We play Americano as well as training. And we’ll have time for a lot of other fun things too! Check it out:

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Padel Camp

This time our camp is Ladies only, so if you’re a gentleman, be patient and keep an eye out, we’ll get to you soon! In the meantime, all gents are welcome to watch and support the ladies!

What’s included?

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Contact & Questions

Talk to an experienced padel player. Email us at and we’ll get back to you in a few hours.

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More padel at our sister hotels

We’re part of the hotel and experience family ESS Group and our sister hotels consist of Ystad Saltsjöbad, Falkenberg Strandbad and Steam Hotel among others. They also have their own Padel Camp as well as many padel packages all year round. Check ’em out below!

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