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Chef’s three course dinner – The perfect at home menu!

Everything that you expect from a night out – but at home in a classic MJ’s way.
This is a bag packed with goodies, everything from the first drink of the night to the sweet, sweet ending. The only thing you really need to have at home is a couple of ice cubes & the menus designated booze of the week if you fancy a bit of a buzz. 

Everything is packed in boxes and bags made for an easy heat up and you just pop it in the oven while sippin’ on that pre-drink. Sounds easy enough for ya? We truly hope so.

The menus come with instructions and a step by step instruction for plating so that you can impress those loved ones or just up your Instagram-game.

Check out this week’s menu and send us an email at restaurant@mjs.life with your inquiry.

Lactose free and always a vegetarian and vegan option available!

Order before 18:00 on Thursdays,
pick up Friday or Saturday between 14:00-18:00 in the kitchen at MJ’s.

425 SEK /peep

Happy eating!

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Cascara (coffee) Orange Saccharum, lime
(Make sure to keep some vodka at home for a lovely Cosmo twiste)

filled with cep mushroom, black truffle and pangritata

Duck confit
Braised endives, sauce a l´orange, sage and celeriac

Veggie option
Artichoke in barigoule jus, green lentils from Gotland and vegetables from Botildenborg

Chocolate fondant
whipped cream, caramelized almonds and sea buckthorn

Everything is prepared lactose free, please inform us in advance if we need to keep any other allergies in mind. 

425 SEK/peep

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